Friday, September 30, 2011

When a Teacher's Child Gets in Trouble at School:

I got a letter from my son today.  I need to sign it so he can take it to school on Monday.  It said:

Dear Mom,

I did not get to go to the park for no reason and again I am getting in trouble for something someone else did and so did Alexso.  We were tossing the ball to each other from a foot away and then Kevin takes the ball and throws drops back and throws it over a tree and it lands in the street and then Kevin and Keegan go to get it and Ms. Molter gets mad because she said never go into the street.  And she gets mad at all of us and I could not go to the park!!!

I want school to end:

Needless to say, as a teacher I am most concerned about his lack of appropriate conventions and grammar.

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