Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet late summer tomatoes or Vicious body maiming fruits

I harvested another large bowl of tomatoes today.  Yummy, beautiful red and yellow tomatoes.  But lest you think that harvesting is just a pleasant afternoon event I must warn you that it is fraught with danger!

So: Sweet late summer tomatoes or Vicious body maiming fruits? 

I have no less than 5 bug bites/stings, 4 slivers in my knee and my forearms are scraped up from the tomato vine. 
Tomatoes 1 Diana 0
I ate a few tomatoes and sliced up a few more.
Tomatoes 1 Diana 1
Tomato in middle of bowl split open and left a slimy mess on the others.
Tomatoes 2 Diana 1
I am going to stew those tomatoes on low heat for an extended period of time, then I am going to freeze those tomatoes until I am ready to eat them.
Tomatoes 2 Diana 2
Then I am going to take their seeds and plant them and harvest/eat their offspring (because I hate a tie game).
Tomatoes 2 Diana 3

It's possible I may be too competitive with my fruits/vegetables....

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