Friday, November 1, 2013

The Loving and Serious One

Is it okay that I am truly and deeply hurt by being the loving and serious parent? Apparently it's a compliment. Even the fun loving and preferred parent says it's a compliment (of course he does he's the fun loving one).

Colleagues talk about how when the kids are adults it is the loving and serious parent that raised them to be good ones. Blech. My kids are great kids, but they don't enjoy time with me so when they are great adults and hanging out with their fun loving dad I am sure I'll still think it sucks to be the loving and serious one.

I am done being the parent that gets up at 5 so I can pack their lunches and feed their animals and clean their cat's litter box before going to work. I am done being the parent that comes home and makes them do their chores and their homework. Their dad gets to hang out with them in the morning and by the time he comes home their chores and homework are usually done if not in the midst of completion--he never has to hound them to do the "not so fun part of being alive" (other than going to school, but at least he gets some quality one on one time with each of them as he does that).

I am done being the parent that watches the clock to tell them it's time to get off of the computer, time to get ready for bed, time to go to bed...

I am done being the parent that works all day, goes to school at night then comes home at 10 to find out they didn't feed the animals like they are supposed to because I wasn't there to make them do it.

I am done not knowing the answer to, "well, what DO you like to do in your free time..."

I swear I used to know, I used to be someone who was loving AND fun (and, sadly probably also a wee bit serious).