Friday, March 30, 2012

Coming to Terms with the Honey Bear

I know, he's cute.  A little plastic bear filled to his cute little yellow cap-hat with sweet honey.  He smiles at you, his paws on his little belly just begging to be bought.

I loved the bear as a child, remember being so excited to pour his honey onto my toast.  And then he and I separated.  It was a gradual letting go, so casual I don't remember the exact moment that I grabbed the glass jar instead of him.

I didn't even miss him, it was as if he had never been in my life.  Then one day he returned, showed up in my grocery cart next to the cherubic face of my child who had a smile on his face to match the bears and one that triggered memories long forgotten.

How sweet that moment was, my child, my long lost friend the honey bear. 

Yet, time has shown me why that sweet, innocent looking, narrow lidded, concave in all the wrong places bear had been dropped from my shelves replaced by the sleek glass jar with it's large round opening perfect for dipping a spoon into.

As an adult I wish my childhood honey bear would just go away! There, I said it! But unlike before when he made his slow and unnoticed disappearance, now he stays.  Tormenting and taunting me with that honey stuck in his bent knee AND up in his ear. 

The things we do for our children...

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