Monday, November 7, 2011

"Insults Between Those Who Respect One Another"

Keeton and Mishya are insulting one another while beating one another with pillows.
Keeton told Mishya, "you hit like a girl, oh wait you are a girl, you hit like a boy"
To which Mishya replied, "well, you hit like a girl!"

I think they do not understand the insult.  And for that I am proud.

Post Script:
They changed their insults to: "you hit like a cell" "well you hit like a baby" "oh yeah, well a cell is smaller than a baby" "well then you hit like 1/1000000 of a cell" "oh yeah,  well then I say you hit like one million one hundredths of cell" "oh yeah, double that" "double that 5 times" "same to you, but this goes on forever so let's just end this" "yeah, cause I already said one more than you, let's end it"

Post Post Script:
"I am aiming for your crotch!"
"Oh yeah, well you are doing a very bad job of it!"

I love these kids.


  1. I love how academic their exchange got - so funny!

  2. I agree with Cari - hilarious!! I love how you "hear" and share the coolest thoughts/comments ever - kiddos are cool little people :)

  3. I love it, Diana! And I love your posts and look forward to your published works. My friend read your blog and loves it, too...and I love the scientific, nerdy diss-attempts. Sounds like the two of them had a great time. And I love your family and your children and you! And I love that I got to spend time with all of you this past summer. Singapore is good and your home was so nurturing. xoxxox, Lisa