Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Green Waterfalls and Other Hilarious Adventures in My Life

I was productive today.  Very Very Very productive.  So productive I am allowing myself a complete lack of commas and improper capitalization in this post. 
I talked to contractors and strangers.  Got organized and made Goodwill runs as well as shopping trips to buy organizing contraptions.  Moved furniture and cleaned chicken coops.  Made doctor appointments and made progress towards the house remodel (See post about said tree falling....).
I even got the majority of the kids' Halloween costumes purchased.  Yay me. is indeed clumsy. 
After searching 3 different Goodwill stores and 2 different clothing departments at local one-stop-shopping stores, I still could not find a bright green, long sleeved t-shirt for my son's costume.  And in a flash of fateful inspiration I had an idea! Oh yes, beware the flash of fateful inspiration fairy--she is an impish one.
I bought a long sleeved white t-shirt and green fabric dye.  Even had a very kind gentleman and fellow shopper instruct me as to how to go about making dark green a brighter green (use yellow dye, too).  And I was good, I read the directions, I got a bucket and I dyed that shirt while wearing latex gloves so as to not stain my hands (thanks amazing stranger/fellow shopper with great advice!)
As I stood there swishing the 4.5 gallons of dark green dye and the formerly white t-shirt, I was oh so proud of myself.  I am amazing! I am a genius! I am soaking wet on the feet...?!!
I looked down to find said 4.5 gallons of dark green dye water pouring out of the cupboards beneath my sink.  I looked around to see said 4.5 gallons of dark green PERMANENT dye water spreading over my kitchen floor.  And I spewed a length of words so crass that seasoned sailors would have flinched.
And then, with no one around to help me clean up the mess nor to figure out what to do, I laughed.  I laughed hard and long and loud and perhaps a bit maniacally.  But I laughed and then when the water had made its' way and was no longer pouring, I stopped.  And I cleaned it up. 
My sides hurt from laughing.  My old dog drying towels are tye-dyed.  The plumbing needs to be fixed cause the drain pipe completely broke. Not to mention there's still a large oak tree worth of wood in my backyard waiting to be split, there are still holes in my roof and ceilings, there are still large fans and dehumidfiers drying out my house from the rain that fell the same night the tree did. 
But there's not green dye on my floors--I conquered that.  And at the same time I discovered there's still hope and laughter in my life. 
And my son has a perfect dyed green t-shirt for Halloween.  It looks so good, he can even wear it afterwards.

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  1. Oh Diana, it's good you can laugh at this. I agree though, when life puts the pressures on you just have to laugh!