Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Conduct Alerts

Conduct Alerts (for those of you outside teaching...never mind, you probably won't get the rest of this post anyway.) I wish I could write:

Child's name:  I think I know but there are so many of them it's easier for me to tell you where he sits than what to call him and when I do call on him I often call him someone else based on where he sat the first week of school in proximity to the other child. If and when I am ever able to form a relationship via nanosecond contact throughout the shortened school year I promise to return and fill this line in.

Incident:  While attempting to manage the behavior of 34 students who all want and need my attention and have no respect for one another let alone the lone adult in the room said child got frustrated in his attempt at ACTUALLY doing the work and by the time I finally made my way over to him he could no longer verbalize what he needed in order to do his work and I got interrupted by student behavior from around the room that was so terrible in their attempt to get me to help them instead of someone else that I couldn't focus on said poor child ACTUALLY asking a question related to work and then said child flipped his desk in his attempt to get away from me and the class and the stupid work that I had assigned in an actual attempt to do academics in an over packed, under-educated, disrespectful group of needy students who just want one thing and that is to be NOTICED by me and given individual attention ALL DAY LONG. Which I can't do! There is no way! There are too many of them and they are all too low in basic student skills for me to have them self-manage AND IT"S NOT THEIR FAULT, they are only 10 and the social system and school system has and continues to fail them but in the end it comes down to this child is now getting a conduct alert--yet all he wanted was to do his work and have his teacher help him.

Teacher Follow Up: tears in a colleague's office, utter frustration at an inability to be the teacher these kids need me to be due to a screwed up system of no funding to give these kids what they need, and an utterly useless lecture with the rest of the class on their poor behavior--to which they merely nodded their heads and went right back to being off task and disrespectful to one another.

Administrator action: If I had time I'd check with him, but there is no time.  I worked 630-5 today and I still couldn't get to him to check in about this particular incident and how to write it up.  So here it is.

Child's Name: I don't know--since objects were flying from all directions.

Incident report: see above--about objects, flying, all directions.  Ending with Pencil hitting teacher.  And it did end there, because I made it end by being "not positive" in my redirection.

Teacher follow up: see above about negativity and redirection.

Administrator action: none--cause I am not going to report it.


  1. This make me laugh and cry at the same time. And though I can only imagine how hard it is, remember as you go back each day that you are amazing at what you do and it matters.

  2. I feel... I'd say "comfort" from reading your post but that would be rude...
    This is the hardest job EVER and I know you are so so so great and your kiddos are lucky to have you! Thank you my friend for sharing.