Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mothers are Weird

This past week I have heard quite a few mother's screaming at their kids.  I think a couple of times it might have been my own voice I was hearing.

One night, while waiting for my son at football, I overheard a mother making a request of her child.  I remember distinctly what the mother said (warning language), "Stop throwing those rocks or I'm gonna kick your little black ass!"  The kid didn't stop.  Nor did she kick his little 5 year old tushy.  I don't think she was actually going to.  I don't think the kid thought she was going to, either.  Really, I don't think she thought she was going to.

Today I heard another make a request of her son, "HIT THAT KID!" The kid did.  And that kid was my son.  And her kid was supposed to hit my kid.  There were over a hundred people watching her son hit my son.  Only I missed it.  Because I turned around to see who the heck was yelling at their child to hit another child.  I guess I have to get used to watching football again, as a mom.

As the game went on I found myself cheering as my son got in on tackles.  And cringing when he got blindsided.  One time he popped up off the ground and looked ready to deck the kid who had tackled him and I thought "NO!" And then 30 seconds later I was cheering as he rushed at the next kid he was supposed to knock to the ground. 

Most mom's I know (including my own) are amazing women.  Totally committed to their children.  Do wonderful jobs at it, too.  But I am pretty sure they are still weird.  At least I hope they are.  Cause I know I definitely am.

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